Savannah Cats – A Mix of Wild and Domestic Genes

A cross between a serval type of wild cat and a domestic cat, Savannah cats are exotic and interesting breeds. The serval is a medium sized wild cat from Africa known for its large pointy ears. The original Savannah Cat was bred from a serval and a Siamese, and was first accepted as a new registered breed by the International Cat Association in 2001. We are known for being more social than regular domestic cats, and can be trained to play fetch or walk on a leash, making us somewhere between a cat and a dog in terms of personality. Our first ancestor was bred in 1986 by the Bengal breeder Judee Frank, and the breed was perfected in the years to come.

Savannah cats have only recently appeared in the United Kingdom, when the first female of our kind was born and bred in 2010. We can be found all over the world now, however, from the United States to Japan. Savannahs are one of the easiest types of cat breeds to recognize, because we are on the large size and have a tall and slim build. Some of us can weigh over 20 pounds, but we can fall anywhere in the range between 7 and 30 pounds. It’s possible for there to be a quite significant variance in our size even within the same litter.

Another distinction of Savannah cats in addition to our size is our coat, which depends on the breed of domestic cat used for cross-breeding purposes. Some of the first Savannahs have dark spotting with a light coat, because early breeders liked to use breeds such as the Bengal to help preserve the wild look of our origins. You can find us in a rainbow of different colors today, however, with some of the most popular types resembling brown spotted tabbies, silver spotted tabbies, or black smoke coats. The International Cat Association only accepts the Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Oriental Shorthair or Domestic Shorthair as permissible cross breeds.

We are tall, lean, and fast, but Savannah cats also have the temperament of a dog, which makes us ideal pets. Many of us are known for our extreme loyalty, following our owners around the house, playing fetch, and even walking on a leash. Savannah breeds can be friendly with new people, other cats, and dogs, but some others will be shy or hiss around strangers. To make us more sociable, it’s best to expose us to other people as kittens. We are also known for our intelligence and jumping ability.

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