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Like our owners, we cats prefer a healthy diet. I, for one, am a picky eater, which can be troublesome for many owners. Fortunately, my owner found a great way to work around my fussy eating habits. I remember the first time my owner set down a bowl of dry cat food in front of me. I picked at it only when I was too hungry to go any longer without eating. I could not stand the taste and texture of the food on my rough, detailed tongue. My owner decided to mix ¾ canned foods with ¼ dry foods, which worked much better.

My owner gradually decreased the amount of wet canned food until I was eating dry food without a problem. Gradually introducing new foods is the best way for a cat, especially one like me, to get over fussy eating habits. We cats need food to maintain a long, healthy life. No matter how much trouble we give, there are ways of working around even the pickiest cat eaters. Many cat owners like giving their cats table scraps. This is never a good idea since table scraps do not have the protein and vitamins we need.

A cat can be very demanding; this is something I know from personal experience. I tried to force my owner to give into my demands by going on hunger strikes. A good owner will not give into these demands. Now that my owner has me eating healthy and over my demanding, picky ways, I feel more energetic than ever before. A healthy diet is important for us cats. We need food specifically formulated for our digestion system to help us grow into healthy adulthood. Without proper nutrition, we can easily suffer from a variety of illnesses and even malnutrition.

Occasionally my owner will still moisten my dry cat food with a little bit of water if I revert back to my picky ways. Of course, she is always careful to discard any uneaten food within 20 or 30 minutes as it can attract flies and unwanted bacteria. I am one lucky cat to have an owner who cares so much for me and my health, which is why I am offering this same advice to other cat owners out there. Make sure your cat is happy and healthy like me by providing them with a diet that ensures proper health and nutrition.

Before owning a cat, you must know that we are carnivores. While our activity levels range from the mild, lazy cat to the active, playful cat we all still need one essential ingredient and that is taurine. Taurine is an essential amino acid that provides us with top notch vision and healthy heart functions. Additionally, if you plan on breeding cats, taurine helps boost our reproduction systems. Keep in mind that more active cats, like me, need a higher caloric intake. An active cat generally requires a 20 percent increase in caloric intake than a lazier cat needs.

While some cat owners put a bowl of food down for their cats and leave it there throughout the day, my owner feeds me twice daily, which was recommended by my veterinarian. She provides me with two clean glass bowls; one for my food and one for my water. If my food sits for 20 or 30 minutes without me eating it, she cleans the bowl out. I like the glass bowls much better than plastic bowls because plastic tends to harbor harmful bacteria. Although the glass bowls do pick up a slimy residue, they are much easier to clean up.

Although my owner feeds me using a timed feeding method, there are some cats that do well with free choice feeding, or ad lib feeding. Free choice feeding refers to owners leaving a bowl of food down throughout the day so their cat can eat whenever they want. This is an okay practice if you plan on giving us dry food since the dry food will not spoil throughout the day. However, cats may be inclined to overeat, which can lead to obesity. Free feeding is more recommended when a cat is either pregnant or nursing since they need additional food.

My owner has plenty of cat treats on hand for me though she does not let me consume too much. I usually get a cat treat once a day before my owner goes to bed. She offers me a variety of cat treats that range from freeze dried chicken to tuna flavored cat biscuits. This small treat is just enough to fill my belly so I can relax comfortably by my owner while she sleeps. I love the variety that my owner offers me. Variety is a great thing to have for a cat since we tend to bore easily.

The last time my owner took me to the vet I saw a fellow cat friend there with his owner. He had been feeling under the weather because his owner had given him milk and milk-based products as a treat.

My owner had learned by reading on the internet that it is never a good idea to give cats any kind of milk or milk-based product because we do not have a great deal of lactase. Lactase is an enzyme the body needs in order to break down lactose from milk-based products. Since we lack enough lactase, milk-products make us vomit.

I know just how lucky I am to have such a caring owner; one who actually researched cats before choosing me. I hope my other fellow cats out there have owners who care as much about them as mine does. That is why I hope that the humans reading this will take my advice and provide their cats with a healthy, well-balanced, and nutritious diet. When our owners treat us well and keep us healthy, we in turn give them loyalty and affection. Because my owner feeds me well, I am happy, healthy, and never experience any illnesses.

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